711.00111 Armament Control/Military Secrets/773

Memorandum by the Chief of the Office of Arms and Munitions Control (Green)

After the conference in the Secretary’s office yesterday morning, I had a conversation with Admiral Leahy, Acting Secretary of the Navy, in regard to recent developments in the attempt of the Carp Export and Import Corporation to purchase in this country material, equipment, and armament for the construction of a battleship to be assembled in the U. S. S. R. I told Admiral Leahy of my recent conversations with Mr. Scott Ferris, recorded in my memorandum of August 24 and 28.39

Admiral Leahy said that the position of the Government was perfectly clear and that the procedure which I had suggested to Mr. Ferris was, he believed, the only procedure by which the Carp Export and Import Corporation could conceivably accomplish its purpose.40 He added that he would be pleased to see an American shipbuilding company construct a battleship for the U. S. S. R., and that the President had told him that he also would be pleased if such a contract as was under consideration could be carried out. He believed, however, that no American shipbuilding company could design a battleship without the prolonged and active cooperation of the Navy Department, much less manufacture all of the necessary equipment and armament.

Joseph C. Green
  1. Not printed.
  2. See the third paragraph of memorandum by the Chief of the Office of Arms and Munitions Control, infra.