711.00111 Armament Control/Military Secrets/584

The Ambassador of the Soviet Union (Troyanovsky) to the Chief of the Division of Eastern European Affairs (Kelley)

Dear Mr. Kelley: As you remember I had a talk with you about the contract which our organizations have with the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation. According to that contract our technicians were to be admitted for visits to the plant if the United States Government gave its permission. Since the work of our technicians would be enormously hampered should they not be allowed to see the plant, I ask that arrangements be made whereby the above-mentioned technicians are given the possibility of visiting the plant where the plane ordered by our organizations is manufactured. I hope that it will be found possible to do this because if our organizations receive the plane I presume that they will be familiar with it in all its parts. I do not believe that visiting of the plant by the technicians can do any harm to the American navy particularly since we can build similar planes only in the distant future. In addition, our orders to the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation can not be enlarged for different kinds of machinery if our technicians are unable to study the processes of production.

There is another question which I desire to have settled. The plane will be delivered to our organization in November of this year but all the blueprints are to be delivered only later. It is desirable that the blueprints be given to our organization simultaneously with the plane. I wish to emphasize again that construction of a similar plane can be carried out only later. I hope that the authorities concerned will not find grounds to prevent our technicians from visiting the plant and receiving the blueprints at the same time as the plane.

With the assurance [etc.]

A. Troyanovsky