800.51W89 U.S.S.R./170: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Wiley) to the Secretary of State

41. For Ambassador Bullitt from Faymonville.

“Confidential information from Wiley reference possible transfer of personnel requires me to submit to you my views on probable value of future military contacts here. I believe Red Army offers possibility of developing understanding and friendship which no other group here offers. If contacts with Red Army chiefs are further [Page 174] fostered it seems likely that we may secure in them a group of friends who in party discussions might effectively present case for American friendship. These probable friends would be weakened and not strengthened in their stand if contemplated withdrawal of personnel includes any member of army staff here. From strictly military standpoint essential to maintain Military Attaché for contact with world’s largest army, and Air Attaché to observe world’s largest air force, which is even now changing rapidly. White has had exceptional opportunities for observation and is intimately and favorably known by large circle of commanders. Opportunities, however, are largely dependent on maintenance here of airplane and air detachment and the advantages thereby secured should not be sacrificed. Recommend retention here of all members of present army contingent.” [Faymonville.]

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