The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Dawes)

No. 990

Sir: Referring to the Department’s telegraphic instruction No. 238 of July 27, 1931, 4 p.m.,22 and to your telegraphic reply No. 276 of July 30, 11 a.m., in regard to British policy and procedure respecting shipments via or from Hong Kong to the Cantonese revolutionary government of arms and munitions of war and of airplanes, there is enclosed a copy of telegram No. 815 of October 23, 5 p.m., from Peiping, quoting a telegram from the American Consul General at Canton in regard to the reported delivery to the Canton Aviation Bureau of military planes of British manufacture.

In this connection it is requested that you discreetly and informally bring to the attention of the Foreign Office this reported delivery to the Cantonese authorities of British military planes. The Department would be interested in being informed of any comment that the Foreign Office may make on this subject.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Harvey H. Bundy
  1. Not printed.