Memorandum by the Vice Consul at Nanking (Reynolds) of a Conversation With Major Wu Hjeh-shek of the Aviation Bureau at Nanking12

Major Wu stated that the Aviation Bureau is in receipt of information that the Cantonese have been successful in purchasing several airplanes from Great Britain and Germany, and that repeated attempts have been made by the Cantonese to purchase American-made airplanes which the Cantonese, as well as the National Government, recognize as being superior to any now manufactured in any other country. Wu repeated several times during the conversation that it was the hope of the Aviation Bureau, as well as of the other branches of the National Government, that the United States Government would take all steps possible to prevent the issuance of export licenses for planes consigned to Canton, or to destinations which would make it evident that Canton was to be the ultimate destination. Mr. Reynolds pointed out the difficulty that is involved in determining the intent for which those planes might be desired, for according to Mr. Reynolds’ understanding, the Cantonese had attempted to purchase only civil model airplanes. Major Wu stated that although the planes desired by Canton were, technically, civil models, the ease with which the planes can be fitted with machine guns and bomb racks make the intended use of the planes evident beyond doubt.

  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Consul General at Nanking in his despatch No. D–76, August 7; received August 31.