793.94/2107: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva (Gilbert) to the Secretary of State


199. This morning Drummond confidentially informed me that Briand was discussing privately an “ingenious plan” with a few Council members. The resistance of Japan to “neutral observers” being dispatched to Manchuria is a well-known fact. It is Briand’s idea to have neutral individuals sent along with Chinese forces which, in carrying out China’s commitments, would take over from the Japanese the points they evacuate. A request might be made to this effect to China, and there seems to be little doubt of the Chinese acceding thereto. The duties of such neutrals would be to observe and to report the manner in which Chinese commitments in the premises [Page 192] were being carried out. To such a procedure the Japanese could scarcely object. The implications of this plan are, I believe, obvious, and your comments, if you care to give any, are solicited by Drummond.