Memorandum by the Ambassador in Japan (Grew)

Before leaving for Hong Kong via Canton by Japanese plane early tomorrow morning, Mr. Kurusu38a called to see me this evening. He said that he has been studying the official papers in connection with his mission to the United States ever since he had been told, only yesterday, of the Foreign Minister’s desire that he proceed to Washington. Mr. Kurusu informed me that he is going simply to help the Japanese Ambassador in the present difficult situation by bringing a fresh point of view and in order that no possible stone be left [Page 705] unturned in the endeavor to bring to a successful conclusion the conversations being conducted between the Japanese and American Governments.

Mr. Kurusu said that he was taking with him as his secretary Mr. Shiroji Yuki who, as Chief of the First Section of the American Bureau of the Foreign Office, has been most helpful to the Embassy and is familiar with the development of the conversations in Washington.

J[oseph] C. G[rew]
  1. Saburo Kurusu, former Japanese Ambassador in Germany.