Press Release Issued by the White House on September 13, 194019

In order to further strengthen the national defense, the President, acting upon a recommendation of Col. R. L. Maxwell, the Administrator of Export Control, has issued a proclamation dated September 12, 1940, subjecting the following additional materials to license requirements for export from the United States: Equipment used for the production of aviation motor fuel and tetraethyl lead or [and] any plans or specifications useful in the design, construction, or operation of such equipment or in connection with such processes; plans, specifications, and descriptive or technical information of any kind setting forth the design or construction of aircraft or aircraft engines.

These items are in addition to those announced in a previous proclamation by the President, dated July 26, 1940, placing petroleum products, tetraethyl lead, and iron and steel scrap under license requirements for exportation.

The President’s proclamation of May 1, 1937, requires that exports of aircraft and aircraft engines be licensed. The present proclamation, [Page 222] taken with the preceding ones mentioned, has the effect of putting under the control of the President for export purposes not only the aircraft and engines but also the plans and designs for building them.

  1. Reprinted from Department of State, Bulletin, September 14, 1940 (vol. iii, No. 64), p. 213.