The Chief of the Office of Arms and Munitions Control, Department of State (Green), to 148 Persons and Companies Manufacturing Airplane Parts

As some misunderstanding appears to have arisen as to the purport of the statement made by the Secretary of State in his press conference on June 11 in regard to bombing civilian populations from the air, I am addressing this letter in regard to the matter to all persons and companies registered as manufacturers or exporters of airplanes or aeronautical equipment.

In view of the fact that the Secretary’s statement definitely condemned bombing of civilian populations from the air, it should be clear to all concerned that the Government of the United States is strongly opposed to the sale of airplanes or aeronautical equipment which would materially aid or encourage that practice in any countries in any part of the world. Therefore, in view of this policy, the Department would with great regret issue any licenses authorizing exportation, [Page 202] direct or indirect, of any aircraft, aircraft armament, aircraft engines, aircraft parts, aircraft accessories, aerial bombs or torpedoes to countries the armed forces of which are making use of airplanes for attack upon civilian populations.

Should any manufacturer or exporter have already entered into contractual obligations, of which he finds it impossible to divest himself, to sell or export airplanes or aeronautical equipment, for which licenses have been issued or for which he has heretofore intended to apply for licenses, to any country which is engaged in bombing civilian populations from the air, it is suggested that he may wish to inform the Department of the terms of that contract before applying for licenses to export pursuant to it or before exporting under licenses already issued.

Very truly yours,

Joseph C. Green