437.11H23/116: Telegram

The American Arbitrator (Howe) to the Secretary of State

The tribunal provided by agreement between the United States and Cuba signed October 1, 1929, to arbitrate the Harrah case began its sessions December 2.

Walter B. Howe

[With respect to the final disposition of the claim of Charles J. Harrah against the Republic of Cuba, a memorandum dated October 23, 1936 (437.11 H. 23/311), by the office of the Legal Adviser of the Department of State reads in part as follows:

“The arbitrators appointed by the two Governments apparently reached a decision on May 27, 1930, that the Government was liable, but the amount of liability was not fixed. Thereupon the Cuban Government offered in settlement $350,000. This amount was accepted by the Government of the United States and a check therefor was handed to the Ambassador at Habana and forwarded to the Department on July 5, 1930. The money so received from Cuba was placed in the Treasury of the United States and is, as circumstances warrant, being paid to the claimant. It is recommended, therefore, that the case be marked closed.”

In accordance with this recommendation, the Legal Adviser closed the case.]