The Ambassador in Cuba (Judah) to the Secretary of State

No. 655

Sir: Referring to my telegram No. 30, May 6, 11 a.m.,30 and to previous correspondence in connection with the claim of Charles J. Harrah, I have the honor to state that President Machado advised me on Sunday that the Cuban Government would agree to arbitrate this claim. He asked me to take up with the Secretary of State the form and details of the arbitration arrangements.

This morning I discussed the matter with the Secretary of State who told me that, within a day or two, he would send me his suggestions in connection with the form of arbitration agreement which I submitted to him under your instruction on March 11, 1929.

In our conversation, however, he told me that he favored the appointment of two arbitrators, one American and one Cuban, with the proviso that a third arbitrator be agreed upon by them, or by the two Governments, in case the two arbitrators could not agree upon a decision. I will advise you as soon as I have heard further from the Secretary of State.

I have [etc.]

Noble Brandon Judah
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