393.1123 Seymour, Walter F./22

Memorandum by the Minister in China (MacMurray) of a Conversation With the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs (C. T. Wang), March 7, 1929, at Nanking84


The Minister then discussed the Seymour case, and Dr. Wang stated that it had been extremely difficult to investigate the matter, but that [Page 875] the report that he had received was to the effect that a body of soldiers had approached the compound in which Dr. Seymour was shot, had talked to Dr. Seymour and had quite peaceably turned about and were leaving when they heard a shot ring out and saw Dr. Seymour fall, and that they had seen a single soldier in the distance running away. Mr. Price85 at this time asked whether any effort had been made to obtain the evidence of eye witnesses of the shooting, including the gate-keeper at the Seymour place. Dr. Wang requested the name of the gatekeeper and said that he would make an effort to obtain his testimony.

[In a memorandum of a conversation with the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs, on February 26, 1930, at Nanking, the Minister in China stated: “I gained the impression from Dr. Wang’s statement to me that we could not expect anything further on this subject.” (393.1123 Seymour, Walter F./23.)]

  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Minister in China in his despatch No. 1978, March 13; received April 15, 1929.
  2. Ernest B. Price, Consul at Nanking.