611.9331/139: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cunningham) to the Secretary of State

From Perkins:

“Department’s February 1, 6 p.m. After conference with Wang here this morning we have tentatively agreed, subject to your approval, [Page 786] on the following. Text to be the same as that of our original draft down to but not including the last clause of the first paragraph. In place of this clause there will be substituted the following: it being the intention of the contracting parties that in relation to these matters there shall be complete, reciprocal, and unequivocal most-favored-nation treatment.’ Balance of note will be the same as our original draft and Wang in return will quote our note in its entirety and give assurance asked for.

If the foregoing is approved, please reply to Shanghai as soon as possible definitely authorizing me to sign. Wang will come again to Shanghai on Thursday the 7th, and we plan to sign on that date.

Repeated to the Legation.”