611.9331/130: Telegram

The Minister in China (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

45. Department’s 12 [9], January 8 [7], 6 p.m. Following from Perkins:

“On the 17th I delivered to Wang the Legation’s note of January 12th regarding the provisions of the tariff treaty relating to most-favored-nation treatment. He said there would be no difficulty in meeting our wishes in the matter; that the British and Dutch had insisted upon minute specification of certain points, but that there had been no necessity for this as the meaning of the two was quite clear providing for complete most-favored-nation treatment. I said that we naturally desired to have our understanding with the Chinese Government no less explicit than that of any other power, and I requested that he transmit his reply through me in order that I might [Page 777] telegraph the text to the Legation and dispose of any possible question in connection with this matter before my departure. Wang indicated his assent. Since four days have now elapsed without further word from him, I purpose urging the desirability of a prompt rely.”