The Canadian Minister (Massey) to the Secretary of State

No. 2

Sir: In previous correspondence ending with Mr. Castle’s note of July 6th. 1927,20 the Governments of Canada and the United States expressed their accord on the desirability of reaching an international agreement to provide for the protection and rehabilitation of the Sockeye Salmon fisheries of the Fraser River. I now have the honour, under instructions from the Secretary of State for External Affairs, to present to you for your consideration the enclosed draft of a Treaty21 to attain this object, and to inform you that His Majesty’s Government in Canada is prepared to proceed with the immediate signature in Washington of a treaty in this form.

I shall be pleased if you will be good enough to inform me at an early date whether the Government of the United States is prepared to accept this draft and to approve its signature.

I have [etc.]

H. H. Wrong

(For the Minister)
  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed. On March 21, 1929, the Secretary of State transmitted to the Canadian Minister a revised draft; on March 25 the Canadian Minister in his turn transmitted to the Secretary of State an amended revised draft, which proved acceptable. Correspondence and drafts not printed (711.428/1248, 1265).