462.00R294/682: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Schurman)


78. Yesterday the New York Herald Tribune carried an article on our negotiations with Germany. In order to avoid misunderstanding, the Secretary stated at his press conference that he would make an announcement, in view of the statements printed, although Department had not intended to do so. He then recalled that a meeting had been held at the White House last spring, at which time question of accepting certain reductions which the experts had proposed was discussed by the President and the Secretary of State with the leaders of the House and the Senate. He stated that the negotiations with the German Government are in accord with what Department understands to have been general sentiment of that conference, and that no reason exists for secrecy regarding them. One correspondent inquired whether the United States is not in this way lined up with the Young Plan; the Secretary stated in reply that this agreement is being negotiated separately with the Reich Government. Several specific questions were asked by the correspondents relative to what was to be included in the agreement, but the Secretary would not discuss details.

The Department also informed British Chargé and French and Italian Ambassadors about what was being done. Assistant Secretary [Page 1087] Castle had already told Dr. Kiep66 that if German Government desired, there was no reason why it should not inform the interested Ambassadors.

Reference your No. 201, October 26, 11 a.m. Under the circumstances, the United States obviously would have no objection should German Minister at Brussels wish to discuss matter with Jaspar. There does not appear to be any reason, however, why the American Ambassador should be associated with him in this action.

You will please keep Wilson fully informed.

  1. Counselor of the German Embassy.