574.H1/103: Telegram

The Chairman of the Canadian Delegation (Johnston) to the Chairman of the American Delegation (Sykes)7

In accordance with the undertaking given by the Canadian delegation at the closing session of the Conference on Friday last, I now have the honour to advise that the proposals for the distribution of channels as set forth in detail in appendices Numbers One and Two and graphic chart attached to draft of document headed “Suggestions for an agreement between United States, Canada, Cuba, Mexico and other North American nations relative to the assignment of frequencies on the North American continent”, as per copy transmitted to you by Commander Craven, are approved and accepted by the Canadian delegation. The United States delegation, having already by majority vote approved of these proposals as generally outlined at the final session of the Conference, it is our understanding that there but remains for approval the Articles of Agreement as suggested in draft document in question. As soon as we are advised that this is confirmed by the United States delegation and that these Articles of Agreement are approved and accepted by them, the whole may be considered as approved and accepted by the Canadian authorities.

A. Johnston
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Minister in Canada as an enclosure to his despatch No. 1033, June 13; received June 17.