The Minister in Rumania (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

No. 178

Sir: Referring to the Department’s Instruction No. 11 of December 1, 1928,58 and to the Legation’s Despatch No. 88 of January 24, 1929,59 in regard to a proposed Naturalization Treaty between the United States and Rumania, I have the honor to report that Mr. Djuvara of the Foreign Office came to see me this morning, and on the part of the [Page 483] Minister for Foreign Affairs, to explain to me the position of the Rumanian Government on this question.

The draft of the treaty prepared by the Department, Mr. Djuvara said, had been carefully studied by the Legal Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which had given a decision to the effect that certain provisions of the proposed Treaty, especially Articles II and IV, were in conflict with the existing laws of Rumania and therefore make the negotiation of such a treaty impossible at the present time.

Furthermore, Mr. Djuvara said that the question of dual nationality was in the near future to be discussed at the League of Nations, where some common accord on this troublesome problem would probably be reached, and in that case Rumania would doubtless change her laws so as to conform with any such agreement. He therefore asked me to say to my Government that the inability of the Rumanian Government to negotiate a Naturalization Treaty with the United States at this time should not be taken as a definite refusal or an unwillingness on its part to do so, but rather that the matter should be considered, for the present at least, as “in suspense,” and in any case, until the discussion and settlement of the dual nationality question by the League of Nations.

I have [etc.]

Charles S. Wilson
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