The Minister in Finland (Pearson) to the Secretary of State

No. 1191

Sir: Referring to the Department’s Instruction No. 99 dated December 1, 1928,16 I have the honor to report that in a conversation Tuesday [Page 452] evening, February 12, with Mr. Winckelmann, head of the Bureau of Judicial Affairs in the Foreign Office, I was informed that he had already finished his study of the proposal for a Treaty of Naturalization between the United States and the Republic of Finland, and had submitted it to the Department of the Interior for examination. Mr. Winckelmann said, “I think I can promise you that we shall be ready to report by June 1st. I see no need of a temporary arrangement, as suggested in your note, for I believe that a treaty agreement, satisfactory to both Governments, can be reached during the Summer.”

I have [etc.]

Alfred J. Pearson
  1. See instruction No. 583, December 1, 1928, to the Chargé in Estonia, Foreign Relations, 1928, vol. i, p. 500.