500.C114/833: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva ( Blake ) to the Secretary of State


The Cuban Minister here, who is also his country’s permanent delegate to the League of Nations, informed Mr. Everett, of this Consulate, that he had received instructions suggesting that in the committee of signatory states he favor postponement of revision of Court Statute until after accession of the United States, especially in view of the fourth Senate reservation of January, 1926. Government of Cuba [Page 26] wishes to facilitate, as far as possible, adherence of Government of the United States. After conversations with Mr. Root, the Minister [learned?] that Root considered the revision to be of secondary importance only, an opinion to which he himself inclines. The Minister would appreciate an expression of Department’s views with regard to the importance of this consideration, so as to aid him in deciding what line of action he will take. After consultation with Minister Wilson, Mr. Everett will inform Cuban Minister that Department has already been informed of the plan of the League Secretariat to place the revision of the Statute as item one on the agenda, which will have been discussed by committee a few days before draft protocol will have received approval of Assembly and presented to committee of signatory powers. Mr. Everett will add that if no apprehension is expressed by Department on receipt of this news, then probability will be that Department does not regard the revision as of primary importance.

Mr. Wilson has suggested that if the Department is concerned with the procedure that has been proposed, it would probably be advisable to bring the matter to Drummond’s attention rather than to have it introduced by the Cuban Minister, who will be regarded in the Committee as acting under influence of the Government of the United States.

Please instruct me through Legation.