500.A15a3/154: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Dawes) to the Secretary of State


262. Reference is made to my telegram of August 31, 1 p.m., No. 256, and for your information. The Japanese Ambassador told me confidentially that in relation to the ratio of large cruisers their efforts to satisfy Great Britain may involve, when the time comes, a proposal to arm a limited number of their smaller cruisers with 8-inch guns in order that an increase in the number of large cruisers may be avoided to that extent.

I have also learned, in a confidential manner from the French Ambassador, that disturbing information came to them some time ago from the British Admiralty that a settlement might be reached between the United States, Great Britain, and Japan, independently of other naval powers. This situation was taken care of in the President’s statement from Washington, but as an evidence of the attitude of the British Admiralty it is interesting. The contents of your telegram of September 3, 5 p.m., No. 237, will be communicated to the Prime Minister when he returns from Geneva.