500.A15a3/111: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Dawes) to the Secretary of State


225. I talked with the Prime Minister yesterday about his trip and covered the results of the conversation reported in telegram No. 223, August 6. The view expressed was precisely that which was covered in your No. 209, August 6.

This morning I received a long statement from the Prime Minister who later on telephoned through his secretary to ask that it not be transmitted to you until I should have received a letter from him modifying one or two paragraphs. Letter has just been received, and as explanation of earlier request Prime Minister added in postscript that he was writing in great hurry as he had decided to return to Lossiemouth tonight.

I leave for Dublin tonight and shall return Saturday night, but I have arranged for Prime Minister’s revised statement to be telegraphed [Page 186] to you as soon as it has been received. As it will probably be sent from Lossiemouth, it will not be received here, probably, until tomorrow night or Friday.