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The Vice Consul at Aden (Park) to the Secretary of State

No. 207

Sir: I have the honor to inform the Department that the Imam of Yemen, Mohamed Yehia bin Mohamed, Hamid-ud-Din, Amir Al Moumenin, Mutawakkil Al Allah, has forwarded to this Consulate, through the unofficial intermediary of the Honorable Charles R. Crane, former American Minister to China, who recently visited Sanaa in a personal capacity, a rough draft in Arabic of a treaty of friendship and commerce which the Imam verbally stated he would like to serve as the nucleus of an agreement. An English translation of the Imam’s tentative draft is appended hereto for the Department’s information and possible consideration for future action.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I have [etc.]

J. Loder Park

Translation of Draft Treaty of Recognition of the Government of Yemen by the United States, Providing for Friendship and Freedom of Commerce

  • Article 1. Recognition by the Government of the United States of the complete independence of the King of Yemen, El Imam, Mohamed Yehia bin Mohamed, Hamid-ud-Din, Amir Al Moumenin, Mutawakkil Al Allah, and his Government, and non-interference in the internal and political affairs of the Government of the Imam.
  • Article 2. The establishment of friendship and business relations, these depending to a great extent upon the acceptance of Article 1.
  • Article 3. This treaty to become effective from the date it is signed by both countries, and when the signed copies are received, both parties to the agreement will be free to authorize their nationals to travel and start business in the Yemen and in the United States, in strict conformity with the existing local laws.
  • Article 4. This treaty to be valid and effective for a period of ten years, and renewable by the mutual consent of both contracting parties upon the expiration of the above-named period.
  • Article 5. This treaty to be written in both languages, i. e., Arabic and English, and the Imam’s Government to be governed by the Arabic translation in all cases of reference.