367.1164/101: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Grew) to the Secretary of State


101. At the request of the American Board of Foreign Missions I informally supported its application to be permitted to reopen certain [Page 805] American schools in Anatolia, notably at Aintab, Caesarea, and Sivas, which were recognized before October 30, 1914, and particularly at Marash and Talas for which staffs are now ready and waiting. The Foreign Minister will take the matter up with the Minister of Public Instruction. He believes that as regards certain places permission will be given, but that it is contrary to the policy of the Government of Turkey to permit foreign schools in certain other places. Should the Government of Turkey refuse permission to reopen any or all of these schools, is it the desire of the Department that I acquiesce tacitly or shall I press the question on the basis of the letter of Ismet Pasha of August 4, 192348 and the notes exchanged on February 17, 1927?49 I am not sure that it would be wise to make a formal issue of the question of the schools at the present time. I believe it might be preferable for the time being to accept the decision which the Government of Turkey may make, but nevertheless to present any comment which the Department may desire me to make regarding our interpretation of the binding character of the agreement of February 1927. The Cabinet will probably take up the school question on November 9. Will the Department please instruct me.