711.672/547: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Turkey (Bristol) to the Secretary of State


1. This evening I presented an aide-mémoire to Tewfik Rouschdy Bey combining official report [sic] that although the Government of the United States had spared no efforts to obtain its favorable reception, the treaty had failed to receive the approval of the Senate; that the negative action of the Senate should not be construed as implying any lack of desire by the Government of the United States to maintain friendly relations with the Government of Turkey; and that the Government of the United States would sincerely regret any alteration in the cordial relations which have existed during the past few years between the two countries. I delivered orally the additional explanations contained in Department’s telegram No. 10, January 18, 7 p.m.

Guided by the Department’s instructions, and with the Senate resolution as a preface, I discussed in person and informally with Tewfik Rouschdy Bey the matter of a resumption of diplomatic relations between the Government of the United States and the Government of Turkey. In reply to my explanation that I desired his reaction in order to assist me in making recommendations to my Government, he made the request that the recommendations be withheld until after our second conversation which is to take place January 24, since he desires in the meantime to make a further study of the situation and to communicate with the Council of Ministers.

He desires particularly to be supplied with further details regarding the circumstances under which the treaty failed of ratification. He specifically requested information on the following points: (1) The number of Senators who voted for and against the treaty who will have seats in the Senate which will convene next December; (2) the points of the treaty which were especially attacked; and (3) the text of or a résumé of the resolution under which the treaty was put to a vote.