711.672/540a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the High Commissioner in Turkey (Bristol)

13. You may consider it helpful to give publicity to the following extracts from editorials in leading American papers concerning failure of Senate to approve Treaty:

“Our only suggestion is that this young republic (Turkey) show that what she has written into law she intends to carry into effect, and [Page 770]make manifest, even to those who have opposed the treaty, the seriousness and honesty of her purpose. Magnanimity in this crisis will be the best proof of her worthiness. The real question is: ‘What will Turkey do next’. Her answer will be fateful for herself.” From New York Times, January 20.

“It is time for us to learn to think of Turkey as a nation that has won her independence and cast off the galling ‘guarantees’ once worn by the ‘sick man of Europe’. We must learn to deal with modern Turkey on equal terms and to meet problems of citizenship one by one by negotiation, just as we do where other independent nations …10 are concerned.” From New York World, January 20.

“Rejection by the Senate of the Lausanne Treaty with Turkey was a rather absurd performance.” From Philadelphia Public Ledger, January 20.

“With the emotions of those Democratic Senators who gave the votes that prevented the two-thirds majority necessary to ratify the Lausanne treaty, one may have much sympathy; for their discretion and judgment one finds it difficult to have great respect.” From Baltimore Sun, January 20.

“The defeat of the Lausanne Treaty in the Senate is nothing less than a disgrace.” From Brooklyn Daily Eagle, January 19.

“In rejecting the Lausanne Treaty with Turkey a minority in the Senate sacrificed commonsense diplomacy to ancient prejudices and rancors. …10

Seldom has a decision in foreign affairs been taken with more irrelevant emotion and greater disregard for realities.” From New York Herald-Tribune, January 19.

  1. Omission indicated in the original telegram.
  2. Omission indicated in the original telegram.