811.612 Grapes/Spain /127

The Secretary of State to the Spanish Chargé (Amoedo)

Sir: I beg to refer to the Embassy’s note of May 11, 1927, advancing certain proposals for the consideration of this Government in connection with the question of the admittance of Almerian grapes into this country.64

The Department duly communicated the contents of the Embassy’s note to the Agricultural authorities of this Government and also informed them of the desire of the Spanish Government as expressed to the Department by the Embassy’s note and by subsequent statements made by the Spanish Ambassador to the Department, that an expert be sent by this Government to Spain to examine the fruit [Page 734] fly situation in company with Spanish experts at the time that the grapes are being harvested.

The Agricultural authorities of this Government have indicated to the Department their intention of sending Mr. Max Kisliuk of the Department of Agriculture, to Spain for the purpose of making the investigation in question and have stated that he would sail from this country for Spain on or about September 1.

It is felt by this Government that consideration of the other suggestions made in the Embassy’s note of May 11 should be deferred until Mr. Kisliuk’s report has been received and has been studied by the Agricultural authorities of this country, and, accordingly, I am unable for the time being, to express any opinion with respect to the proposals advanced therein.

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
W. R. Castle, Jr.
  1. Not printed.