871.4016/107: Telegram

The Minister in Rumania ( Culbertson ) to the Secretary of State


1. My attention has been directed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to resolutions of protest adopted by Jewish meetings in New York on January 2 against anti-Semitic disorders in Rumania.9 He [Page 638] has requested me to inform the Department by cable of my observations on the subject during the time I have been here. As far as I have been able to discover there have never been pogroms in Rumania or events that could be described as remotely resembling such. Jews are subjected to social ostracism, but engage actively in many important business enterprises. Jewish students have encountered difficulties and isolated cases have occurred in which Jews have been attacked by students and rowdies to furnish amusement. Generally speaking, however, they are not molested and certainly there exists no organized persecution of Jews. A despatch on the subject follows.10

  1. The resolution referred to was adopted at a meeting held under the auspices of the American Jewish Congress, A copy of the resolution, forwarded to the Secretary of State in a letter from Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Jan. 12, 1927 (not printed), reads in part as follows (file No. 871.4016/110):

    “We urge our State Department to take such action compatible with diplomatic dignity as will impress upon the Rumanian Government the desires of the American people for the just and humane treatment of all minority groups in Rumania, whether of Jewish or of Christian faith, and for the preservation of such a spirit of tolerance and conciliation as will promote friendly relations between Rumania and all enlightened peoples.

    “Be it further resolved, that the officers of the American Jewish Congress and cooperating organizations, are authorized and directed to take such action as they deem proper to bring the facts relating to the situation and the sufferings of the minority peoples of Rumania clearly to the attention of the world at large and to those of official circles having at heart a better understanding of and the desire for promotion of good will between all the peoples of the earth.”

  2. Not printed.