611.7131/65: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Rumania ( Culbertson )


19. The Department wishes to maintain without change its present policy of inserting the unconditional most-favored-nation clause in such commercial treaties as it negotiates. While it would appear that the conclusion of a commercial treaty with Rumania on the basis of that Government’s new policy as given in your despatch No. 397 of April 2, 1927, would in fact secure most-favored-nation treatment for American goods, it might likewise tend to establish a precedent which would seriously prejudice negotiations with Governments that are unwilling to concede most-favored-nation treatment even’ in substance to American goods.

Unless it becomes evident that Rumania will consent to negotiate a treaty with full most-favored-nation treatment, it is the feeling of the Department that the best policy will be to attempt to maintain the present modus vivendi as long as may be possible.