The Minister in Rumania (Culbertson) to the Secretary of State

No. 111

Sir: Referring to my telegram No. 98 of December 11, 1925, and the Department’s reply No. 70 of January 1, 1926 [December 31, 1925], I have the honor to report that I informed the Minister for Foreign Affairs today of the Department’s willingness to undertake the negotiation of a treaty of friendship, commerce and consular rights with Rumania following as closely as possible the German Treaty. He informed me that the general policy of the Rumanian Government prevents the immediate discussion of a general commercial treaty but that following the completion of certain studies which are now being made by the Minister of Finance and which should be completed in two or three months he will be very glad to discuss the terms and scope of a commercial treaty.

His attitude was entirely friendly and it would appear that the Rumanian Government is endeavoring to review its commercial treaty relations as a whole and that until its studies are completed it does not feel in a position to commit itself to any permanent commercial arrangements. In the meantime, however, the Minister for Foreign Affairs is desirous of exchanging with the American Government a note regulating commercial relations similar to one of those transmitted to the Department with my despatch No. 95, dated December 17, 1925.3 He said today that if the American Government were willing, he desired to exchange such notes promptly so that American interests would not be in a less favorable position in Rumania than the interests of other friendly States.4

I should be grateful to have an indication from the Department as to what action, if any, I shall take in this matter.

I have [etc.]

W. S. Culbertson
  1. Not printed.
  2. For the exchange of notes according mutual unconditional most-favored-nation treatment in customs matters, signed Feb. 26, 1926, see Foreign Relations, 1926, vol. ii, pp. 898 ff.