The Secretary of State to the Persian Minister (Alaï)

Sir: In reply to your note of June 16, 1922,8 communicating the desire of your Government to employ American citizens as advisers in various branches of the Persian Administration and indicating that the appointment of a Chief Financial Adviser was particularly pressing, I have the honor to state that after careful consideration the Department suggests the name of Dr. A. C. Millspaugh, Economic Adviser of this Department as a person with whom you might desire to communicate in regard to this matter.

In case, before making a choice, your Government should desire that further names of persons available for such employment should be submitted, the Department is prepared to do so.

As it seems probable that the person whom you may select as financial adviser will desire to be consulted in regard to his subordinates I have refrained from suggesting further names for such positions.

In the event that your Government should decide to communicate with Dr. Millspaugh and that an agreement should subsequently be reached with him to assume the duties of Financial Adviser to Persia, I desire that it be made quite clear that Dr. Millspaugh undertakes this work in a purely private capacity, and that all connection with the Department of State will cease immediately upon his entering the employ of the Persian Government. In acceding to the request of the Persian Government for the suggestion of an American citizen as Chief Financial Adviser to Persia my Government assumes no responsibility for any action which the Financial Adviser may take as an official in the employ of the Persian Government.

Accept [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes
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