The Panaman Minister (Alfaro) to the Secretary of State

No. 373–D

Excellency: Pursuant to instructions from my Government, I beg Your Excellency kindly to inform me whether the policy outlined by Secretary of State Elihu Root in his notes of December 4, 1905,11 arid February 21, 1906,12 and by Secretary of War William H. Taft in his instructions to the Governor of the Canal Zone, Mr. Magoon, on April 26, 1906,13 continues to be the policy of the Government of Your Excellency in connection with the question of intervention by the United States in the internal affairs of the Republic of Panama.

My Government is especially interested in obtaining from the Government of Your Excellency an express statement on this point at the present moment.

With the expression [etc.]

R. J. Alfaro