The Panaman Legation to the Department of State


The National Government has reached the conclusion that for the needs of the country construction of the highways north of Alhajuela should be of a more economical type of roads than that stipulated in Article II of the treaty.2 To that end it makes the following proposal: In order to clarify Article II: Within ninety days following the exchange of ratifications of the treaty the Government of the United States will deposit to the order of the Government of Panama the sum of $1,250,000 mentioned in the said Article, the latter undertaking on its own account the construction of the said roads with the maximum breadth of fifteen feet and it remains with the National Government to choose the type of roads most suitable for each section of the work. To obtain the amount necessary to complete the amount of the cost of the said roads the Government of the United States will lend to Panama the necessary cooperation and assistance.