817.00/5083: Telegram

The Chargé in Nicaragua (Munro) to the Secretary of State

283. Moncada will probably take up with the Department the necessity for taking away from the Government the control of the police, of the internal revenues and of the communications system in order to guarantee electoral freedom. The Legation has already made recommendations regarding the first two points.93 With respect to the third, I consider it highly desirable that at least the telegraph should be in neutral hands for some months before the elections. Experience has shown that the Government can do much to embarrass its opponents and interfere with their propaganda by withholding delivery or altering the text of telegraph messages.

I have, therefore, suggested to Colonel Beadle that he investigate the practicability of the guardian’s assuming control of the telegraph as a matter of military necessity in view of the inconvenience now caused to the marines and the guardia by bad service. Would such an arrangement meet with the approval of the Department if it could be effected?

  1. See telegram No. 146, June 3, 1927, from the Minister in Nicaragua, p. 400.