The British Ambassador (Howard) to the Secretary of State

No. 141

Sir: I have the honour to inform you, on instructions from His Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, that His Majesty’s Government have reluctantly decided to send a man-of-war to the West Coast of Nicaragua and that H. M. S. Colombo is being despatched to Corinto. She should arrive at Colon on February 24th and at Corinto on February 26th.

His Majesty’s Government feel that the presence of a war vessel may have a moral effect and would be a base of refuge for British subjects.

It is of course not intended to land forces and the Commanding Officer will be instructed accordingly.

In informing you of the above, I am instructed to express once more to the United States Government the thanks of His Majesty’s Government for their assistance, and to add that His Majesty’s Government will continue to rely on it.

I have [etc.]

Esme Howard