Press Release Issued by the Department of State, February 21, 1927

Acting under authorization of the State Department Admiral Latimer landed forces from the Milwaukee, Raleigh, and Galveston yesterday morning to protect American lives and property along the railroad and to maintain communication between the Legation Guard in Managua and the sea. The details of the forces landed are as follows:

Chinandega (Headquarters) Detachment—Comdr. C. M. Austin: 17 officers, 270 Bluejackets, 86 Marines to protect railroad Corinto to Leon.

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Leon Detachment—Lt. Colonel J. J. Meade: 20 officers, 215 sailors, 235 Marines to protect railroad Leon to Managua.

Legation Guard Managua under Maj. H. G. Bartlett: 12 officers 141 Marines.

This Force will be under command of Capt. C. H. Woodward with Major T. S. Clarke, Chief of Staff, and headquarters at Leon.

The Legation Guard at Managua now occupies the Loma in order to afford better protection to foreign lives and property. These detachments were landed and arrived at their destinations without incident. All these measures have been taken with the full consent and approval of President Diaz.