817.00/4542: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Eberhardt) to the Secretary of State

31. Fighting has been in progress in the city Chinandega since early Sunday morning,31 Nine blocks of the city have been burned by fire set by Liberal attackers. Conservative General Viquez is holding part of the town with some 500 against variously reported 600 to 2,000 revolutionists under Parajon. Viquez awaits relief by main expeditionary force under his command which has been some 30 miles away looking for the revolutionary force which is now attacking Chinandega. Government casualties reported so far 25 killed and 25 wounded, Liberal losses still unknown. Government is also rushing troops from Managua and Granada to Chinandega. Rail and wire communication between Managua and Corinto broken.

Diaz believes that revolutionists have recently received arms from the other side possibly through Salvador or Honduras and certainly through Costa Rica.

  1. February 6.