817.00/4505: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Eberhardt) to the Secretary of State

27. Admiral Latimer and officers left Managua yesterday commencing the return trip to Nicaragua Atlantic coast. During their three days in Managua they received many attentions and it is believed the visit has been entirely successful particularly with respect to opportunity it afforded Admiral and myself to discuss in detail problems of Nicaragua. Admiral was given opportunity to meet prominent men of both political parties. I presented myself at close of his interview with the Liberal committee and took occasion to reiterate my often expressed opinion that Sacasa would never be recognized even though the revolution against Diaz should prove successful; also that in my further opinion, since Diaz had been recognized, no deliberations should be undertaken without the clear understanding that Diaz should be expected to retain the Presidency till succeeded by the candidate regularly elected in 1928.

The first section of marines who succeeded present Legation guard arrived today. Guard from Galveston leaves tomorrow. Final detachment arrives February 2nd placing the number of guard at some 320.

Small revolutionary bands are said to have attacked Rivas and Nandaime yesterday but in both cases to have been defeated and to have fled to hills. There is well-founded belief that Costa Rica is winking at practice of these bands of rearming and provisioning themselves in that country whence they make sallies into Nicaraguan territory.

Law goes into effect tomorrow whereby for 2 years increases in certain import and export taxes are to accrue directly to Government which will use them for the present for current expenses.