817.00/4462a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Eberhardt)

27. Following is an interview with Sacasa reported by the Associated Press at Puerto Cabezas January 21:

“Although declining to accept most of the terms for a peaceful solution of the Nicaraguan internecine warfare suggested by President Adolfo Diaz at Managua, Dr. Juan Sacasa, the Liberal leader, looks with favor upon that portion of the Diaz proposals suggesting American supervision of the presidential elections of 1928. Dr. Sacasa, stating that he had no official knowledge of this part of the peace proposals, said that such a plan of supervision would suit him. He added, however, that possibly it would be better that the supervision be conducted jointly by the United States and representatives of the Latin-American nations signatory of the Washington pacts.28 He said that joint supervision would be better because it would prevent charges of partisanship which might be made against the United States in case the elections should be unfavorable to the Liberal cause which is looked upon with disfavor by the American Government.”

If both parties so desire the United States would be glad to supervise the regular election of 1928 and if both parties deem it wise the United States would not have any objection to participation of Central American States in such supervision. Please ascertain informally if a public statement by me to this effect would be satisfactory to the Nicaraguan Government.

  1. See Conference on Central American Affairs.