817.00/4440: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala (Geissler) to the Secretary of State

10. Minister for Foreign Affairs Matos this evening sent to Cuadra Pasos26 and Rodolfo Espinosa27 identical messages saying, after reference to the desire of the Government of Guatemala expressed December 6th that there be a pacific adjustment of the conflict in Nicaragua, that “for the event that no concrete negotiations for such abrogations [adjustment?] are pending, I put at the disposal of both parties the good offices of the Government of Guatemala for the initiation of preliminary conversations between the contending parties by its respective representatives with a view to the reestablishment of peace and concord in Nicaragua on the basis of an agreement acceptable by the two parties”.

Dr. Matos contemplates that in the preliminary conversations, agreement be reached as to the time, place, and manner of holding a conference of representatives of the two elements. I have reliable [Page 301] information indicating Mexican backers of Sacasa are confident that he will continue to maintain an attitude of intransigency while professing to favor mediation of Costa Rica and although some Nicaraguans here are urging him to be conciliatory.

Repeated to Nicaragua.

  1. Nicaraguan Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Sacasa regime at Puerto Cabezas.