817.00/4394a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Eberhardt)


15. Although the forceful measures now being taken to protect American lives and property rights and interests in the Republic of Nicaragua may contribute indirectly to stabilization and enable the recognized constitutional government to reestablish order and resolve its present difficulties, nevertheless, all concerned with this situation should not lose sight, even for a moment, of the main problem. Every encouragement should be given to the Diaz government to find a constructive and permanent solution of the problem which will eliminate disaffection and permit Nicaragua to enter as soon as possible upon a new era of permanent peace and prosperity. Lose no opportunity to reenforce this idea. The differences which now rend Nicaragua must be composed in a statesmanlike manner. It is obvious that much depends upon the ability of the Diaz Government to deal with the opposition in a broad and generous spirit both at present and later on. Nothing else can suffice. No matter [Page 299] how constitutional its title may be, a government cannot be expected to maintain itself indefinitely in the face of serious internal dissension by relying upon indirect support derived from measures which the Government of the United States must take to protect its own nationals and interests. The foundations of lasting stability in Nicaragua should be laid as quickly as possible by Nicaragua’s own Government. The first available opportunity should be seized to reach a real settlement of the domestic issue which divides the nation. Of course it is understood that the United States stands ready to extend its good offices for this purpose. Discreetly explore all the possibilities in this direction and let me know your opinion.