The Secretary of State to the Spanish Ambassador (Padilla)

Excellency: I have the honor to refer to the Note of your Embassy dated July 26 regarding the question of official recognition on the part of this Government of the Spanish Protectorate in that part of Morocco commonly known as the Spanish Zone, and I take pleasure in repeating [Page 274]to you previous assurances to the effect that this Government will be glad to give prompt and sympathetic consideration to this matter as soon as a satisfactory settlement of the outstanding claims of American citizens and proteges in cases arising in connection with the Spanish Zone has been agreed upon.

The claims in question are on file with the American Diplomatic Agency at Tangier which was instructed some time ago to submit a complete and up-to-date list thereon, a copy of which will be transmitted to you as soon as the Agency’s report has been received.

I have not failed to note the suggestion of Mr. Amoedo of your Embassy that these claims be examined by an American-Spanish Commission sitting in Madrid, but I am inclined to the belief that they could be more effectively and satisfactorily dealt with in Tangier by a Commission consisting of the Spanish Consul General in Tangier and the American Diplomatic Agent. In this connection I may point out that an analogous procedure was followed in our negotiations with France on a similar subject, and that its results were found to be eminently satisfactory to both Governments.

Should your Government find this proposal as to procedure acceptable, I shall be glad to authorize the American Diplomatic Agent in Tangier to proceed to examine the claims in question with the Spanish Consul General at Tangier, and to sign a joint report of findings and recommendations to be submitted to the respective Governments for their consideration. I may add that I am confident that such a report would afford a suitable basis for the adjustment of the matter in a manner satisfactory to both our Governments.

Accept [etc.]

Frank B. Kellogg