The Assistant Secretary of State (Castle) to the Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Marriner)

Mr. Marriner: The Spanish Ambassador took up with me today the question of taxes in the Spanish Zone and possible American recognition of the Zone which would include giving up capitulations. He spoke of a note from the Department of December 11, 1924,2 in which we said the matter was being given serious consideration, but that serious consideration had not been followed up. He said he hoped very much before he leaves on June 23rd we might be able to write a note saying just what we would be willing to do in this matter of recognition. He said he understood it was closely related to the question of claims, but that he would like to have something definite to say to his Government when he gets back to Spain. This is a matter which I hope can be carried through.

W. R. C[astle,] Jr.
  1. Not printed.