Senate Resolution 327 As Amended and Agreed to January 25, 192749

Resolved, That while by virtue of sovereignty the duty devolves upon this Government to protect the lives and property of its nationals in foreign countries, which duty is not to be neglected or disregarded, it is nevertheless sound policy, consistent with the honor and best interests of the United States and promotive of international peace and good will, to submit to an arbitral tribunal, which shall apply the principles of international law, the controversies with Mexico relating to the alleged confiscation or impairment of the property of American citizens and corporations in Mexico; the arbitration agreement to provide for protection of all American property rights pending the final outcome of the arbitration.

That in good will and friendliness efforts should be made and persisted in to effect arrangements which will commit the two Governments to the policy of abiding by and executing awards that may be made in consequence of such arrangements to arbitrate.

  1. Reprinted from Congressional Record, vol. 68, pt. 2, p. 2233.