The Italian Ambassador ( Martino ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Castle )

My Dear Mr. Castle: I have, on several occasions, and recently in my letter of July 14th, called your attention on articles published by some Italian radical papers in New York which contain excitement to commit crimes against His Majesty the King of Italy and members of the Italian Government.

I now find in the issue of December 8th of Il Nuovo Mondo an editorial which concludes with the paragraph here below translated:

“The murderous dictatorship has completely lost its head. So much the better. The day of Nemesis is drawing even nearer. More victims are torn from the homes of Italy, more crimes committed, more lead added. But the sad experiment is at the end of its arc. It is true that its impulse, its weight, becomes stronger, but the end is near. We feel it in the spasmodic thirst for vengeance which calls for more blood. Yes, more blood. But, out of that blood, how much salutary fruit for the Italian people!”

As I did on similar occasions, I feel that it is my duty now to submit this case to your attention because it seems to me that instigation to commit murder, especially against the Head of a foreign Government, is a crime in itself.

Believe me [etc.]

G. de Martino