The Italian Ambassador (Martino) to the Secretary of State

The Italian Ambassador presents his compliments to His Excellency the Secretary of State and has the honor to bring the following to his attention.

The weekly paper Il Martello of New York (77 East 10th Street) edited by the American citizen Carlo Tresca, has published under the signature of Giuseppe Altieri the article here enclosed.7 This article contains the most vulgar and virulent attack against His Majesty the King of Italy and excites its readers to the assassination of the King.

The Italian Ambassador feels that this publication is not only an insult to the Chief of a nation which entertains the most cordial and friendly relations with the United States of America, but represents a criminal activity because it is beyond any doubt that encouragement to murder is a crime.

The Italian Ambassador will therefore be grateful to His Excellency the Secretary of State if he will inform him about the measures which, under the circumstances, the American Government will think it advisable to adopt against Il Martello.

  1. Not printed.