Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Castle) of a Conversation With the Italian Ambassador (Martino)

The Italian Ambassador called this morning to report his presence in Washington. He told me that he had had several opportunities to discuss in Rome the various actions of the Fascists in this country and that Mr. Mussolini was very angry at many of the things that were happening and said that many of the Fascists were acting as fools. Mussolini issued an order to all Fascist organization[s] throughout the world, telling them that under no circumstances were they to march in Fascist uniforms in foreign countries even though they had come to an agreement with the local authorities permitting this. The Ambassador pointed out that it might well be that many of the Fascist organizations in the United States were made up of American citizens who would not follow the orders from Rome, but would insist, after agreement with the local authorities, in marching in uniform. He wanted me to know that, if this was done, it was absolutely contrary to the advice of the Government.

W[illiam] R. C[astle]