The Secretary of State to the Italian Ambassador (Martino)

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency, the Royal Italian Ambassador, and has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of his note of March 14, 1927,2 in which, referring to previous correspondence in regard to the proposed flight over United States territory of a Dornier hydroplane of the Italian Navy piloted by Commander F. De Pinedo, the Ambassador states that it is expected that Commander De Pinedo will arrive at New Orleans on or about March 24 and sets forth the proposed itinerary of the hydroplane.

In reply the Secretary of State has the honor to advise the Ambassador that copies of his note have been transmitted to the Federal Departments concerned and the Governors of the States mentioned therein with a view to the extension to Commander De Pinedo of the courtesies and facilities usual in such cases.

  1. Not printed.