The Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras (Summerlin)

No. 89

Sir: The Department has been informed by Mr. L. G. Nutt, Secretary of the Federal Control Board, that it would be very helpful if a convention providing for the extradition from Honduras of violators of the narcotic laws of the United States could be negotiated at this time in order that persons who have violated these laws and who are found in Honduras might be returned to the United States for trial.

As it appears that there are no treaty provisions covering crimes and offenses against the laws for the suppression of the traffic in narcotics or for infractions of the customs laws or ordinances which may constitute crimes, you are instructed to endeavor to negotiate an extradition convention with Honduras covering these subjects. Two copies of the Extradition Convention concluded between the United States and Honduras on January 15, 1909, are enclosed.16 The Department also encloses two copies of a Treaty concluded with [Page 116]the Government of Cuba on January 14, 1926, containing provisions on these subjects.17 Copies of a draft of a convention with Honduras, in the English and Spanish languages, are enclosed.18

It is earnestly hoped that the Government of Honduras will promptly and favorably consider the matter so that if possible an agreement may be reached and a convention signed in time to be submitted to the Senate when it next convenes.

Please submit a complete report setting forth the action taken by you pursuant to this instruction.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Joseph C. Grew