033.1138/9: Telegram

Senator William H. King to the Secretary of State

Have arranged to start Monday for a brief visit to Santo Domingo and Haiti, visiting latter country to study results of American occupation with view to offering such measures in Congress as situation requires. Have received many communications from Haitians urging me to visit Haiti. In Senate I have urged legislation providing for constitutional convention in Haiti and for Haitians to take necessary steps to form and put into operation government of their own choice and have insisted upon withdrawal military forces. This has angered persons in control in Haiti. Have just received official notice that I am undesirable and that access to territory of Haiti is denied me. Knowing the relation of State Department to General Russell and the Borno régime I beg to be informed whether the State Department approves their action and whether it will aid in prohibiting a United States Senator by military force or otherwise from entering Haiti which is controlled by United States through its military forces or will immediately arrange, as it can, so that I may without interference visit Haiti for a few days to obtain information to aid me in the discharge of my official duties as Senator. Am compelled to leave here Monday, 14th instant, so beg immediate reply.

William H. King